Sudan: new freelance photo-reportage on local artists’ community

Here's my second freelance photo-reportage (text+pics) from Sudan: three interviews to young artists from Khartoum involved in the Mellow Art Club project, Al-Amarat, KRT. Published on Voci Globali (Italian language, Aug.-Sept. 2019). Ext. link:  


Archive: Bolivia, published photo-reportages on Chipayas’ culture

Here’s the direct access to my photo-reportages (text+pics) from Bolivia (2017) dedicated to Chipayas' culture - but not only -. Published on Voci Globali web journal and the EUAV programme official blog (Italian language).   Sebastiana Kespi, “tesoro vivente” della cultura Uru Chipaya --- La Mina del Diablo, una discesa nell’inferno boliviano --- Los hombres [...]