Archive: Brazilian reportage published on Popeye – Ethnovisual Association

Directly from the archives, a glance at the Brazilian photo-reportage (photo+text) created between Santa Maria and Rio de Janeiro for the Popeye - Ethnovisual Association (April-June, 2013). The entire set can also be visited on the Association's FB page. Here you can find few snapshots from the main reportage.     — #Brazil #SantaMaria #RiodeJaneiro [...]

Archive: San Francisco Museum’s photo expo backstage set (La Paz, Bolivia – Aug.’17)

  At a glance: the "Semana de la Cultura Chipaya", the on/back-stage reportage.     Created in La Paz, Bolivia in August 2017 within the cultural week dedicated to the local native community Chipaya. A very important public event to promote GVC's project followed by another great exhibition at the Cinemateca Boliviana.       [...]

Freelance reportage: young artists and activists ready for democracy in Sudan

Here’s my third freelance photo-reportage (text+pics) from Sudan: three more interviews to young artists and activists from Khartoum involved in the Mellow Art Club project, Al-Amarat, KRT. Published on Voci Globali (Italian language, Aug.-Sept. 2019). Alt.ext. link: --- #sudan #reportage #interviews #shortstory #photography #community #communication #sdn13 #photoreportage