Independent, social, committed and creative professional, I am Michele, passionate about advocacy campaigns, ethnographical fieldwork research, social media management, photo and video reportage, MOOC and web learning offers.

During the last six years I participated to several international projects working in the communications area for NGOs and Institutions. I specialised my profile in the humanitarian and solidarity sector improving my communicative, social and investigative skills in East and West Africa, South America, South-East and Central Asia, Western Balkans, Antilles.

Within this framework, and in collaboration with local communities, I had the possibility to directly work on humanitarian crises focusing on content development and audience engagement (internal & external communications, social media management, reportage), implementing activities in the field following natural disasters (recovery and resilience activities).




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At the end of the first day of “Chipaya, Memorias del Agua y del Viento” photo exhibition with Chipaya’s community representatives @ Cinemateca Boliviana, La Paz, Bolivia (Aug.2017). Watch the full set!


cagliari calcio photo group
At the end of the morning video shooting session for the realization of AICS’ clip on sport & social inclusion at the presence of the footbal team Cagliari Calcio’s President. Watch the video!


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