Since 2012, I worked in the communication & visibility sector giving technical assistance to several development cooperation initiatives improving my skills as cultural anthropologist and ethnologist, photo and video reporter, fieldwork researcher, communications officer and social multimedia manager. I participated to several international projects working in the communications area for NGOs and Institutions. I specialized my profile in the humanitarian and solidarity sector improving my communicative, social and investigative skills in East and West Africa, South America, South-East and Central Asia, Western Balkans, Antilles.

I had positive experiences working within multi-cultural and multi-language interdisciplinary teams of work. I am a professional with the constant will to improve my leading, proactive, self-initiative and entrepreneurial skills maintaining a creative, positive, enthusiastic attitude.

My profile puts an emphasis on creativity, innovation and circular development of a strategic media communication. The communication strategy is custom developed from institutional needs/specific goals put into practice with attention on digital innovation, informative scientific communication and new media. The circular creative process includes brainstorming, shooting, editing, post-pro, feedback and revision, publication and promotion, KPIs and monitoring of the results.

I am expert in the creation of multimedia materials (photos, videos, audio and video podcasts, social media graphics and digital publications, visual storytelling, targeted advocacy campaigns, interviews, photo and video exhibitions) and dissemination through social media channels and websites following a calendar of publications developed from the initial strategy/specific needs.


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La Cultura del Viaggio
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Italia Caritas
Frontiere News
Voci Globali
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Erodoto 108
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At the end of the first day of “Chipaya, Memorias del Agua y del Viento” photo exhibition with Chipaya’s community representatives @ Cinemateca Boliviana, La Paz, Bolivia (Aug.2017). Watch the full set!
cagliari calcio photo group
At the end of the morning video shooting session for the realization of AICS’ clip on sport & social inclusion at the presence of the footbal team Cagliari Calcio’s President. Watch the video!

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