Starting from my academic studies in foreign literature, philosophy and social sciences, I worked as English teacher (Brazil, 2013; Colombia, 2015) and Italian teacher (Montenegro, 2015-2016).

I am able to design and implement effective, innovative teaching techniques directly involving students enhancing the learning experience with music, videos, pictures, games, drawing activities.

Over the last years, I have developed a strong intercultural awareness, adaptability to deal with challenging situations, interpersonal and social skills, as well as resilience to hard living and working conditions. For all of these reasons, and to improve my competences/experience, I am also interested in joining social impact programmes working as language teacher.

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Classe di Italiano @ Zid: open FB community created to share useful materials with the students and create discussions over the classes.

Reci it Loud: free, open, friendly linguistic pot: open FB community created to share materials and document the weekly free linguistic exchanges organised in Podgorica, Montenegro.

I-Can: internet inputs ideas: public FB page created to share knowledge, vacancies, ideas and innovative inputs.


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